Golf Programmes

The golf programme at Michael Campbell Golf College is carefully designed to ensure the development of all the skills necessary to become a world class player. Formed by the 2005 US Open Champion himself with expert PGA Academy Director Steven Palmer, the golf programme covers:

  • Individualised technical coaching in all areas of the game
  • Personalised fitness and nutrition plans
  • Psychology workshops
  • Equipment optimisation
  • On-course coaching, course management and tournament preparation
  • A full tournament schedule across the academic year

As well as these primary skills, the golf programme also covers the following areas necessary for the success of any aspiring golfer:

  • How to train and practice to ensure results
  • How to live the life of a successful athlete
  • Personal management skills such as time and productivity management
  • Periodised training plans to coincide with tournament and school schedule, avoiding overtraining and burnout
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